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Rice Pilaf, French Army, 1940

     Rice Pilaf was listed as a suggested accompaniment to Boeuf a l’Algérienne (Algerian-style Beef) in French military cooking manuals. I will post the recipe for Boeuf a l’Algérienne within the next few days. 

Rice Pilaf, French Army, 1940
(Riz au Gras, dit Pilaff)

     This rice pilaf recipe recommended the use of unpolished rice (i.e., brown rice) from Indochina (the nations of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia), if it was available. Please note that the amount of stock, broth or water given in the recipe is a recommended amount. Refer to the cooking instructions for the particular brand of rice that you are using and adjust as needed. If not using brown rice, use long grain white rice and reduce the cooking time to 20 minutes. 

Yield: 4 servings        

U.S.                             Metric                         Ingredients
1.5 fl oz/3 tbsp             40 g                             lard, margarine, shortening or oil
4.25 oz                        120 g                           rice, dry and clean
0.35 oz/1 fl oz*            10 g                             onion
1 clove                         1 clove                         garlic
½ tsp                           4 g                               coarse salt
to taste                        to taste                         black pepper, finely ground
8 fl oz                          240 ml                         stock, bone broth or water
* volume is for finely chopped onion.

1.      Chop fine the onion and garlic (approx. 1/4" pieces).
2.      Boil the stock or water.
3.      Put the lard in a separate pot. Add the rice, heat, and with a wooden spatula, stir until the rice is a glossy ivory color and begins to crackle slightly.
4.      Add the garlic, onion, salt and pepper, stir.
5.      Carefully pour the boiling stock or water into the pot with the rice so that it separates the rice. Stir one last time.
6.      Cover the pot and reduce the heat to low.
7.      Let the rice cook for 30 to 35 minutes without stirring it or opening the pot.
8.      After this time, remove the pot from the heat. The liquid should be completely absorbed and the rice cooked to perfection.
9.      Serve with a slotted spoon and spread the rice on the plates with a fork.


Curry Rice (Riz au curry)
As for the basic rice pilaf recipe, but add at the same time as the garlic, onion, salt and pepper:
1 tsp                            4 g                               curry powder

Rice Milanese (Le Riz a la Milanaise)
As for the basic rice pilaf recipe, but add to the boiling liquid and mix well:
2.5 tbsp                        40 ml                             tomato paste
Before serving, sprinkle with:
0.7 oz (1/4 cup)             20 g                             gruyere cheese, grated

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